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DealerOn is committed to providing our dealers with more opportunities to sell more cars more profitably than any other website platform. We use data, A/B testing, and conversion science to build websites and provide digital marketing services that maximize results. We actually guarantee that our website platform will deliver at least 50% more leads than any alternative in the industry*.

We produce these amazing results because of 1) our sophisticated A/B testing and conversion optimization platform, 2) our industry-leading Responsive website technology, and 3) the SEO from our Google-Optimized sites.

DealerOn’s “Under One Hood” comprehensive digital marketing suite combines the three most important digital marketing levers (Website, SEO, and SEM) into a single comprehensive digital marketing platform. DealerOn’s data-driven, end-to-end optimization system not only provides Acura dealers with the highest ROI of any solution**, but also gives them the data transparency they need to confidently reinvest and grow their business through their digital marketing.

*Dealer must provide access to Prior Provider or CRM reporting and Google Analytics access prior to go live date. Pertains to lead form submissions only. Dealer must be enrolled in the Core or Elite packages and follow all DealerOn best practices. If 50% increase is not achieved the dealer can walk away.

**DealerOn internal data based on Lead Guarantee documentation.

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DealerOn’s websites use our Responsive Platform, Chameleon, to deliver the optimal experience to your desktop or mobile customers. We use Responsive Design (as opposed to a Multi-URL, Adaptive or Seamless platform) for the same reasons that Google recommends it.


Responsive Technology is the only solution that doesn’t require User Agent Detection that plagues Google’s bots when crawl your site. This is one of the reasons that Google recommends Responsive Design for your website. A Single URL for each page (using for desktop and mobile instead of using for mobile phones) improves indexing and consolidates all inbound link value.

Responsive is better for User Experience because (as Google states) it doesn’t rely on User Agent Detection.


Responsive Design requires less management, because you don’t need to create and optimize multiple versions (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet) of the same content.


According to Google Analytics, in 2016 the average Acura website had visitors using more than 500 different screen resolutions, and that number is growing! A Responsive Platform is the ONLY way to future-proof your site for all devices – phones, phablets, watches, glasses, other wearables.


DealerOn’s Elite SEO add-on package is unique and unrivaled in the industry. Our nationally recognized Local SEO experts spend dozens of hours each month building out:

  • On site signals - DealerOn creates specific, targeted content for maximum local exposure. Content is optimized and tweaked on an ongoing basis for local searches. Dealers also receive one custom blog post each week.
  • Off-site signals - DealerOn builds relevant links to the dealer’s website, but with a focus on local links. A full citation audit is included, and all incorrect or incomplete are cleaned up and completed.
  • Social media management - Dealers receive daily posts on Facebook, Twitter , and Google Plus, increasing local engagement. Incoming comments or inquiries are answered by our team, and we consult with the dealer’s social team to maximize their returns on their social efforts.
  • Reputation management - Our team consults with each dealer to build out an effective strategy for increasing positive online reviews, monitoring each review site on a daily basis. DealerOn’s team crafts appropriate responses to minimize damage from any negative reviews.


DealerOn’s Behavioral Targeting System (BTS) is a state-of-the-art lead generation enhancement system designed to increase the number of leads and service appointments by delivering contextually relevant offers to consumers as they leave a dealer’s website.

As an example – A consumer visits a Acura dealer’s website, peruses the hours of the Service Department, checks out their Service Reps experience, and then leaves the site. Using patent-pending technology, BTS detects the consumer’s mouse moving to abandon the website, and dynamically serves up a 10% off Service offer (or whatever Service offer the dealer wanted to leverage).

  • Dynamically Serve Intelligent Offers
  • Increase Vehicle Sales 10-20 units/month
  • Increase Service RO's


DealerOn has pioneered A/B testing in the retail automotive space. Your site will immediately reap the optimization learnings from each A/B test that we conduct on our platform, and you may A/B test behaviorally targeting offers on your own site with our Elite Website Package.


For most car dealers, consumer “showrooming” – shopping a competing dealer’s website while visiting a dealer’s showroom, is now the norm, not the exception. According to Google’s study “The 5 Auto Shopping Moments Every Brand Must Own”, half of all car shoppers use their mobile phones while on a dealer’s lot, and their top action is to confirm they are receiving a good price (by shopping competing dealers and third party sites).

DealerOn’s platform gives our dealers the ability to conquest consumers who are “showrooming” (checking out their website from a competitor’s lot) by pushing targeted offers to website visitors, based on their actual location. Dealers can create any number and variety of offers that will fire only to visitors located within the dealer defined.


DealerOn has recently rolled out a new integration with Android Pay and Apple Wallet that lets customers add Service Coupons and Offers directly to Android Pay or Apple Wallet on their Android or Apple phone.

After a consumer adds the coupon to their device, the dealer may update the offers, provide new images or even update an expiration to the coupon DIRECTLY ON THE CUSTOMER’S PHONE, without them ever returning to the dealer’s website.


At DealerOn, we pride ourselves on delivering world-class, proactive, industry-leading customer service to our dealer partners. We have won five straight “Top-Rated Website Provider” awards, and we strive to provide a truly remarkable customer experience to all of our clients.

*Source: Driving Sales