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What’s Your CAROI? DEP Delivers Demonstrated Return on Investment

"DEP websites are designed to convert unique visitors into phone, chat, text, and email form leads.” The key is complete data shown properly on any devices with Responsive Server Side technology, providing more information and a better shopping experience on every device. Dealers enjoy complete transparency into shopper click path data, attribution, Google Analytics integration, and site personalization. With nearly two dozen features not available anywhere else in the industry, every Acura dealer owes it to themselves to see an online presentation.

You need a website with the highest conversion on both desktop and mobile devices. You demand transparency into every number and every penny spent, with accountability at the individual vehicle level. You want the best support at no extra cost, while guaranteeing ultimate flexibility. You demand the best, and Dealer e-Process delivers great technology with demonstrated ROI. Schedule an online demonstration by calling 877-551-2555.

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The DEP website platform was designed with a unique, customer-centric design. RESSponsive design ensures that your Acura website functions perfectly on any device to give your customers the best possible web-browsing experience. Whether a user is on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop, they will get a completely secure (SSL/HTTPS), ADA-Compliant, and hassle-free web-browsing experience that no one else can match.


It used to be all about the VDP, but these days the Search Results Page (SRP) is truly where the magic happens…so long as your SRP can perform the way it needs to. With today’s shoppers increasingly using their mobile devices to shop for cars, the amount of pages a customer views on a website is going down.

This means you have less of a chance of your shoppers actually getting past the SRP on your site. Because of this, your SRP has to have some serious functionality in order to convert more of your web traffic. This is why we built our SRP to be the most functional and robust SRP in the industry.

Our SRPs include all of the following features not found anywhere else:

  • Largest vehicle photo size
  • ALL vehicle photos
  • Custom pricing display
  • Rebate calculations
  • Price Drop Alerts
  • One Minute ePrice
  • Price Unlock
  • Custom call-to-action buttons
  • Video integration
  • Monthly payments
  • 3rd-party integrations
  • Window stickers
  • Brochures
  • Side-by-side vehicle comparisons
  • Detailed vehicle information
  • Vehicle comments


For the Acura customer that wants to take a closer look at a vehicle on your site, we’ve developed the industry’s most complete Vehicle Details Page (VDP). With two options to choose, our standard VDP, and the VDPxL, Acura dealers have the ultimate way to showcase their vehicles.

Our VDPs come standard with the following information:

  • Lease/purchase payments
  • Vehicle details
  • Installed options
  • Trade-in evaluation
  • Unlimited customizable pricing fields
  • Price Drop Alerts
  • One Minute ePrice & Price Unlock
  • 4K photos
  • Photo Hot Spots & Hyper Zoom
  • Automated incentives, rebates, & specials program
  • Used vehicle original MSRP data
  • Vehicle inventory videos
  • 360˚ interior & exterior views
  • Owner’s manuals
  • Brochures
  • Window stickers
  • NHTSA Safety Crash-Test Ratings
  • Green score ratings
  • Vehicle awards & accolades
  • Vehicle window stickers


Customers now have the ability to zoom into your hi-res vehicle images, for an even more detailed view of the vehicles on your lot.

With DEP exclusive Hot Spots, we can layover vehicle info on your photos. Now, customers can truly experience your inventory directly on your website.


With eAutoAppraise on your website your customer can quickly and easily value their trade, get pre-approved, and select their replacement vehicle all in a matter of seconds. With customizable appraisal values powered by NADAguides, BlackBook, and/or Kelley Blue Book values, Acura dealers will have a choice as far as how aggressive they want to be with the value given to a customer for their trade-in. The customer spends less time in the dealership, buys a car and your facility has exceeded the customers’ expectations.


Generating high quality, tiered credit leads has never been easier with the eCreditApp. The eCreditApp plugs into any dealer’s website and features a quick 3-step process. It does not require customers to enter their Social Security # or DOB, resulting in max conversion opportunity. Dealers can choose to pre-screen customers in real-time resulting in soft pull data being delivered to the CRM of their choice.


Digital retailing is the future, and Dealer eProcess id leading the charge. Our digital retailing platform s the most advanced, fully integrated tool on the market. With the ability to perform real-time, soft credit pulls, a fully integrated proprietary appraisal tool, and a direct link to your DMS, this tool will power the future of car buying. DEP controls the technology that powers every step of the digital retailing process, making this the most frictionless tool in the industry; giving your customers the best possible user experience.


Chat technology has come a long way. In the past, it was a simple way to quickly communicate with customers on your site. Today, however, DEP’s chat technology allows for a much more integrated solution. From multi-platform communication to full DMS integration, our chat system is the most advanced way to interact with your customers and sell more cars.

DEP manages all chats for all departments 24/7/365 on behalf of the dealership. We’ll be your backup when your team is not available! You can watch chats happen in real time while also having the ability to “jump in” and take over the conversation from our trained live chat agents. This style of chat allows you to have the best of both worlds and complete live chat coverage.

Our AutoBot Chat features artificial intelligence that conducts a conversation on behalf of a dealer, but also allows dealership personnel to jump into the chat and take over.

With Facebook Connect, we seamlessly integrate Facebook‘s native messaging platform into our own chat system. This way, you can communicate with potential customers through the most widely used messaging platform on the planet.

Two-way texting allows your customers to initiate an SMS text message directly with your dealership personnel.

Efficiently track all messages, improve customer satisfaction, and increase response rates within your dealership.