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3 Birds is a nationally recognized solutions, consulting, and analytics provider founded on a simple belief: dealerships and OEMs deserve a better digital marketing partner. Our “Always On, Always Learning” software platform and analytics engine gives you the edge you need to expand your social reach and build your online reputation month after month.

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This starter package provides full access to our intuitive technology platform for social media and reputation management. The Acura Basic Package makes it easy for anyone to manage content posting and monitoring across multiple channels, and offers robust tracking and analytics to guide future marketing messages.

New Content Added Weekly - Engage your online audiences with access to our exclusive library of thousands of social media content assets. Fresh Acura content is added weekly to keep your dealership at the forefront of the conversation.

Monitor the Competitive Landscape - Monitor the top 10 online review sites with Neighborhood Watch and manage reputation from within our platform. Plus, use Competitor Watch to track the online reputation of up to five competitive brand dealerships in your DMA to help you maintain a competitive advantage.

Plus Resources for Additional Growth - Enjoy full access to 3 Birds Academy, an online portal with training materials and guides to help you make the most of every social channel and review site. Set goals and review performance each month during a monthly coaching call with your dedicated 3 Birds Performance Manager.


Automobile dealerships are a fast-paced environment. With everything else going on at your dealership, it can be hard to dedicate the time to maintaining and strengthening your online presence. That’s what we’re here for. This package includes all of the features of the Acura Basic Package, plus dedicated account management, dealership-specific content, and organic review-building across all of the most important review sites.

Claiming & Optimizing Made Easy - Incorrect info, negative reviews, and sloppy images are red flags for car-buyers during the research process and can hurt your SEO. We’ll claim and optimize major social and review sites to help you engage and attract customers at this critical stage.

Organic, Balanced Review-Building - 88 percent of customers trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation.* That’s why we focus on all of the major review sites—not just one or two—to increase star ratings and positive reviews everywhere that your customers are searching.

*Search Engine Land, Local Consumer Review Survey 2014

Win Back Customer - Dedicated account strategists craft responses to consumer reviews and address new concerns, keeping complaints offline and winning back previous defectors in the process.


Take control of the online conversation like never before. In addition to all the features of the Fully Managed package, our Premium offering includes a digital newsletter and engagement site specific to your dealership. Utilize this powerful tool to gain new customer insights, build the value of your database, and keep customers coming back.

Fully Responsive Messaging See Your Customers In a Whole New Way

Leverage Newsletter Content Across Social Channels - Increase your social engagement and audiences by sharing dedicated newsletter content across your social channels. We’ll help you extend the lifetime of your new content pieces and revive older pieces for added value.

See Your Customers In a Whole New Way - Every click tells a story. 3 Birds’ robust reporting dashboard includes customizable reporting and analytics so you can dig deeper into your customers’ behavior, interests, and demographics—and tailor your future marketing to capitalize on these opportunities.


What your customers are saying online matters, but the growing number of consumer and automotive review sites can make management a nightmare for your dealership. Your dedicated Performance Manager will craft responses to consumer reviews and address new concerns, keeping complaints offline and winning back previous defectors in the process. Review-building streams from 3 Birds focus on the sites that matter most to your auto dealership, helping you gain new positive reviews while addressing customer complaints before they end up online.


Like all of the digital marketing software and solutions we offer, our Social Ads packages include a strategic focus on the power and precision that comes from combining data and content intelligently. From increasing brand awareness, to leveraging the Polk data native to Facebook, to targeting current customers and prospects, to creating look alike audiences that look like a dealership’s best customers, our approach to social advertising strategy is to leverage and develop data and serve up increasingly relevant, well optimized content to consumers with current automotive needs to increase conversions and deliver leads to our clients.

We work with our clients to establish a Social Ads strategy and budget tailored to the specific objectives of the dealership. Although occasional Social Ads are an option, we are able to develop more traction with an ongoing commitment.