Acura Dealer Digital Program (ADDP) – Frequently Asked Questions

The Acura Dealer Digital Program streamlines digital’s best product offerings and solutions to make your digital and marketing efforts easy and more effective. Signing up with these top providers is a simple process that does not include a long-term contract. The website providers offer excellent pricing, helpful data integrations and are knowledgeable on the compliance process. ADDP Digital Advertising providers will reduce your competition with Tier I and II to improve your overall efficiency and ROI. Through the comprehensive reporting suite, Dealers will be able to view detailed reporting for all of their digital efforts. The billing process is also simplified with every program charge being automatically billed to your open parts statement.

Participation in the Acura Dealer Digital Program is not mandated but strongly encouraged because it is integral to the success of the brand and provides significant value to your dealership.

There is no additional cost to join the Acura Dealer Digital Program. Dealers will pay the pre-negotiated discounted rate for their chosen products.

No, utilizing a certified provider is not mandated but strongly encouraged. The VIP ADDP support team will gladly review the exceptional benefits it provides your dealership.

Contracts are month to month and cancellations will be processed in the following way. Dealers that cancel before the 10th of the month will be billed for the remainder of that month; dealers that cancel after the 10th of the month will be billed for the remainder of that month and the following month.

Yes, all dealer websites are checked for CMA compliance. For convenience, dealers can authorize their certified provider to submit on their behalf.

There are no incentives at this time .